Eternal WORD

Eternal WORD

31. JCH6: 28-35

To believe is what GOD is asking us to do before He gives us this Bread of Life. It was the Israelites’ murmuring in the wilderness that made GOD send down manna for them to eat. But the manna should not be kept till the next day for it would rotten/perish. Had it been that they believed GOD’s Words as spoken by Moses unto them without complaints, GOD would have given them the True Bread of life that can never perish.


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Before CHRIST will ultimately come the second time and wrought victory over the world and it’s wickedness, there is a kind of victory HE desires for His saints on earth . . .

Unlike we all have been made to believe, what CHRIST desires is beyond wroughting miracles that come in season or divination of what has happened or what is going to happen. Wat HE came for is far more than what Nathaniels if today are thinking with their natural minds.