True Honour

True Honour

28. JCH5: 41-47

JESUS was not particular about what people perceived HIM to be. He was not moved by people’s conclusion about HIM because the only thing He was particular about was the honour that GOD gives. He also desisted from creating any image before men as He was only focusing on letting everyone see GOD – The Father.

Obedience and Authority

Obedience and Authority
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11. JCH 1: 5-13

There are two things to note here:

  1. The servants might be wondering in silence what CHRIST was trying to achieve by filling up the waterpots with water when all they needed was wine. But they did one thing right – They obeyed by faith and that was all CHRIST was asking for! Our walk with GOD must not be measured by what we know naturally. We must let our trust in GOD take control of our personalities and beliefs. As servants, all we need to do is obey as those who trust in His Person and His Words! And we cannot do this unless we yield all our being to Him. And as servants that we are to the True Master we don’t ask questions; we just obey first.


Question: What do you think happened to the servants that obeyed CHRIST?

My Answer: Their mind would be enlightened and they would want to know more about HIM. Our level of wisdom and understanding of GOD and His Son depends on how much we are willing to go in obedience by faith to His simple instructions without unnecessarily querying HIM.


  1. CHRIST was a man of great authority but at the feast in Galilee, authority was not given to HIM to approve or disapprove anything at the feast in Cana and He being the Author and the Fulfilling of the Law knew this. If CHRIST who is GOD respected authority, who are we not to?

In truth, our relationship in GOD is meant to make us good children and parents at home, exemplary students and teachers at school, and model citizens of our countries.

Even though CHRIST’s’ miracle was enough to direct all authority to Himself, He would still let the governor of the event determine whether the water is suitable as wine or not.


Question: What would have happened if CHRIST had undermined the governor’s authority in the process of turning water to wine?

Answer: The miracle might still happen and people would feel awed by what was done but that would have negated all that CHRIST embodied from the FATHER.


GOD give me the willingness and the yieldedness to obey You even when You do not make sense to me. Let my relationship with You be evident as a person whose life fulfills the law of GOD and men.





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10. JCH 2: 1-4

On arriving at the place of marriage ceremony in Cana, wine had already been exhausted. The wine pots had run dry and people were longing to see their thirst quenched. CHRIST like many of us could have jumped to the opportunity to portray Himself as the “Hero of the day” but He was particular with the timing. Despite His mother’s approach to notify Him of the situation at hand, He replied, “You must not tell me what to do, my time has not yet come” (GNB). This does not give liberty to children to disobey their fathers and mothers as CHRIST was simply telling Mary that GOD’s time was what He was waiting for.

GODLY ETHICS: Grace and Truth

GODLY ETHICS: Grace and Truth

5. JCH 1: 14-17

The Word of GOD becoming flesh simply means that whatever GOD is saying is what we are doing; whatever He desires is what is happening in our lives. This was what happened to CHRIST when He was on earth! Whatever GOD asked Him to do was what He was doing even though He had the option of doing the opposite.

Glory of GOD simply means that whatever GOD says would happen in our lives actually happened or is happening.

The Grace of GOD simply means GOD’s empowerment that comes from our obedience and willingness in being on the same page with HIM.

The Truth of GOD simply means that we allow His Word to come to pass or to established in our lives for the world to see; and that people did not see HIM as a liar or take His Word for a lie because of our disobedience.

GOD’s Word is always the Truth but we can make it seem like a lie before people if we do not obey by doing accordingly. Being full of grace and truth means that we have the capacity to do and what we are doing with this capacity is what is needed to be done according to GOD’s design. GOD wants us to be embodiment of His word. He wants His Word to become what we live (our flesh: our nature) till we get out of this time. He wants people to see HIM in us.

It is as we establish His Truth through His Grace that He increases our Grace for another adventure of establishing His Truth . . . The status is the Truth while the stature is Grace, the conditions and criticalities of engagement may warrant increase in the measure of Grace but the status of Truth is not subject to change.


Oh CHRIST! Give me the Grace to uphold YOUR Truth in any circumstance that I find myself. Let YOUR Word be my priority that YOUR Grace may be abundant in establishing the Truth . . . for YOUR Word indeed is Truth!



Time and Quality

“But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the LORD one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
The LORD is not slack concerning His promises, as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” 2 Peter 3:8-9


1Samuel 22:3-5; Nehemiah 8: 7-10

When GOD gives a word, it’s understanding can only be given by doing according this given word. When David told the king of Moab about learning what GOD would do for him, it was not staying put in the cave if Adullam even though it was his stronghold but going out of it in order to realize the Word of the LORD given to him when He was alone with GOD.

Anyone in the path of leadership must realize that ern though safety is of importance, exploit according to GOD’s given Word is what assures a safety that would last longer than one’a time on earth.

And GOD in HIS mercy knows our capability with respect to the Word HE wants to accomplish through us wen while we tread on the path of leadership. Because of this, HE institutes commands/commandments that serve as gracious guides as we journey through life. HIS commands are meant to help us know what to do per time as the obedience of these commands would bring outcomes (be it pleasant or unpleasant) that would make us come to the understanding of HIS intentions at particular points in time.

HE makes our obedience (through works) and understanding inseparable so that as HIS Glory is evident in whatever we do, joy would also fill our hearts thereby strengthening us to obey HIM more and more willingly.

There is a higher level of understanding that comes by doing and this is what GOD desires for any man on the path of Leadership. But learning by doing can only be accomplished through Faith in the ONE that gives the commands/commandments.