True Witness

True Witness
hand print with aquarel watercolors on the paper. my hands b.t.w.

27. JCH5: 31-40

The only way GOD can witness Himself in our lives is when we do what He wants us to do and He glorifies Himself in the process. GOD will witness Himself through us if all His parameters have been met through His grace. He is the one that gives purpose and He must be the one that gives directions because He knew the end before the beginning; He masterminded them all. Let us simply be His vessels and let HIM speak and do as He desires!

All the prophets witnessed about CHRIST through their prophecies . . . they never witnessed themselves but only spoke according to the Spirit of the Lord upon them.

Whenever people come to us, who they must see is CHRIST because the moment we gave our lives to HIM, we have made a covenant that everything we do must be about HIM only. We do not witness ourselves but GOD through CHRIST. To the audience, we are witnessing GOD but To GOD, He is witnessing Himself as GOD and witnessing us as His own. As we glorify GOD with our lives, He would also glorify us with Himself. You would know the people that are of GOD based on how well CHRIST is represented in what they speak or do.

LORD, I am rededicating my life to You today! Help me to live in the confession of my salvation when I said “I give my life to You.” Let the summary of my story be Your Glory!