After Healing, What Next?

After Healing, What Next?
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  • 24. JCH5: 10-14

After being made whole or being healed, it was important that CHRIST told him what he must do or not do for his healing to be permanent. Sometimes, difficulties we face are results of our sins and disobedience to the Word of GOD and asking for healing is like asking GOD for forgiveness. So when CHRIST healed the man, He made sure to tell him that sin was responsible for predicaments.

Looking Unto JESUS

Looking Unto JESUS
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16. JCH 3: 14-21

GOD had raised CHRIST for people to behold Him and accept Him like Moses’ serpent. To aid their belief, He performed miracles that could only be traced to GOD. All they needed to do was believe that CHRIST was the son of GOD and that He came from GOD to bring salvation and eternal life. CHRIST did His part perfectly according to the Father’s will. When the serpents came to the camp of the Israelites and started biting them because of their sins, GOD told Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a tree that whosoever looks on to it should be saved. Numbers 21: 4-9

GODLY ETHICS: Grace and Truth

GODLY ETHICS: Grace and Truth

5. JCH 1: 14-17

The Word of GOD becoming flesh simply means that whatever GOD is saying is what we are doing; whatever He desires is what is happening in our lives. This was what happened to CHRIST when He was on earth! Whatever GOD asked Him to do was what He was doing even though He had the option of doing the opposite.

Glory of GOD simply means that whatever GOD says would happen in our lives actually happened or is happening.

The Grace of GOD simply means GOD’s empowerment that comes from our obedience and willingness in being on the same page with HIM.

The Truth of GOD simply means that we allow His Word to come to pass or to established in our lives for the world to see; and that people did not see HIM as a liar or take His Word for a lie because of our disobedience.

GOD’s Word is always the Truth but we can make it seem like a lie before people if we do not obey by doing accordingly. Being full of grace and truth means that we have the capacity to do and what we are doing with this capacity is what is needed to be done according to GOD’s design. GOD wants us to be embodiment of His word. He wants His Word to become what we live (our flesh: our nature) till we get out of this time. He wants people to see HIM in us.

It is as we establish His Truth through His Grace that He increases our Grace for another adventure of establishing His Truth . . . The status is the Truth while the stature is Grace, the conditions and criticalities of engagement may warrant increase in the measure of Grace but the status of Truth is not subject to change.


Oh CHRIST! Give me the Grace to uphold YOUR Truth in any circumstance that I find myself. Let YOUR Word be my priority that YOUR Grace may be abundant in establishing the Truth . . . for YOUR Word indeed is Truth!




The Truth which is a crucial element that serves as the driving force behind all that we do in life and there are many dimensions that constitute to its definition. But in a very simple and clear term, truth can be defined as the reality as it is/should be.

04 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Result and Truth

Daniel 1: 15 – 21

It is contradictory to realize that what Babylon offered so that it could make Daniel and his friends worthy to stand before kings was not the things that qualified them. The hard truth is that Babylon is no one’s friend – it caters for itself and nothing more! The choicest wine and food was to make the eaters and drunkards dull in spirit and loose focus of what is true and acceptable.

The choicest wine and food was not to make them understood the language and ways of Babylon, it was not meant to make them accept the ways of Babylon as the only way. Because Daniel chose the ways of the LORD, he knew the Way of the LORD by acceptance and understood the ways of Babylon enough to reject it and protect himself from belongs swayed by it in the possible future.

GOD granted them understanding even though they did not accept the culture of Babylon. They received understanding and power needed to navigate their way through the tide instead of allowing it to take them to the destination GOD detests.

In reality, the wave of the world started from GOD just as the devil was with GOD before the beginning of the world. The devil started this wave when he tricked Adam through Eve and since then, the wave is moving farther and farther away from GOD till it ultimately ends in death. To move smoothly (never without opposition) through this wave back to GOD, our strength must be sourced from the word of GOD that is our unchanging Law!



The True Pentecost

Acts 2:1-13

There is a movement that is not based on mind sentiments but on the true heartset of the HOLY SPIRIT . . . A movement that is not acknowledging a particular issue in our walks with GOD over other issues that are as important. A movement based on the wholesomeness GOD is offering to HIS people as a means of salvation from the old ways.

The UnGodly (IV): What Should The Godly Do?

Jude 9-10, 17-19

The unGOdly seems to have an edge against the Godly-he has the support of the world system that majorly operates based on instincts that is not different from that of an animal. Because of this, a man given to the Spirit and the rulership of the LORD does not give in to debates and arguments with the unGodly.

Because the unGodly is operating in the system that supports his lifestyle, it would seem like he is more successful than the Godly. To try and compete with him would be to cross the realm of God to that of animals. If we want to define success and live by its definition, we must ask from God what He knows to be success because to define success according to the view of the unGodly is the beginning of crossing the line (the line is getting blurrier from time to time).

The response of the Godly is to rebuke the unGodly by allowing God to take charge of the situation. The way the Godly lives must rebuke the life of the unGodly as truth always rebukes lies. Being Godly should mean that the power of the LORD is present and available for the Godly to enforce GOdliness. The reason the unGodly thrives is because the Godly fails to rebuke him . . . UnGodliness must not be given a chance for dialogue or reason; it must be rooted out at the very instance of its awareness.