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The HELP Platform 09.11.2017 | 06:33

Two things seem to be far different from each other – strength and weakness. But there is a lesson to be learnt in weakness that would give you the knowledge and understanding to function properly during the time of strength. The truth is that strength and weakness are not meant to be kept wide apart . . . the mix as opposed to many people’s opinion would create balance and productivity that has never been experienced.

The weak definitely has a lot to learn but yet without him the cycle of life cannot be sustained. Also, the strong definitely has a lot to offer because of what he has learnt or passed through when as a weak man he lived.

So why can’t the weak stop claiming to be strong and be humbled enough to learn and the strong stop building castles in the air and be humbled enough for the purpose of serving those who are weak? This synergy of the weak and strong should birth an experience whereby the weak learns and the strong serves by teaching the weak to be stronger. It is a mix of those who are eager to realize their true potentials because of who they need to be to make a change and those who are already making changes but realize that there is still more to be done despite their exploits.

HELP Platform

Where the weak learns and the strong serves by teaching the weak to be stronger.

The term ‘weak and strong’ is not to depict the ‘rich and the poor’ or the ‘mighty and lowly’ but those who are in need of education, resources, skill sets and proper orientation to be changed and make a change; and those who have all these things and are ready to pass on to others who are willing to learn. The HELP in question might translate to giving assistance in all facets of life . . . people being each other’s solutions without going all the way to ask for help that have strings attached.

Every HELP any man must render must be for the fulfilment of being able to help another weak fellow in need. This platform would be any kind of platform that offers different forms of HELP roll into one. This is why user-user interaction and involvement are what is needed in the first place . . . people sharing their stories and the steps they are taking in solving their problems.

Indeed, everyone is strong and weak at some point and the idea is to emerge together and form a strong and formidable entity so that we can withstand our problems and celebrate our victories together. It is not an association but a fellowship where education and orientation/re-orientation of the person of CHRIST take precedence before any exploit . . .

It is a Reform! A gathering of people with individual gaze at; clear direction towards; and noble goals of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

It is a Company! A synergy of pure hearted hearts and beautiful minds coming together to produce what is from their within to their world without

It is a Church! The gathering of GOD’s people going out as ONE to effect the change they have experienced within to their environment without.


The REP Movement 09.11.2017 | 04:29

There are many ways saints have deployed in order to execute GOD’s kingdom on earth but it seems like every effort seems futile and unproductive. Some systematic solutions we provide to societies and nations have being categorized with the status quo of the world solutions.

This means that even though these solutions are inspired by GOD as proclaimed, the way they are being executed is not different from the way the world executes its own . . . we even adopt the world’s solutions and patterns of execution and try to tailor these solutions to the church.

These observations suggest that if we must triumph, we must not act the way the world acts . . . as GOD is ever-parallel to the world, so are His holy ideals (will, ways and wisdom). This means that whatever we do must be totally different without trying to be different.


The answer to the question of “how to win” lies in the books written by three different men who walked with GOD to the apex many have not attained even in these era of abundant grace. Because of the cordiality they maintained with GOD and the peculiarity of their person in the same GOD, GOD revealed HIMSELF to them in a way that astounded many even themselves . . .

With illustrations, analogies, interpretations of dreams and experiences, their lives were full of the hidden mysteries and strategies GOD has made available and accessible to saints that are ready to take a ride with HIM. During their time, kingdoms that did not belong to the LORD were shattered and conquered because they were with GOD always and HIS presence never left them. And when they opened their mouths to talk, heaven and earth listened because GOD was the one talking through them.

Exodus 2: 1-10

One thing that the kingdom of this world recognizes and uses for perpetrating its cause is the birthing and selling of an idea to certain set of people – whether good or bad . . . this is an approach adopted from GOD’s Kingdom afterwards, the drivers of the world system are made in the likeness of GOD. A GODly idea can also spread the Gospel of CHRIST far and wide.

Even though we are in the world, our idea must not be of this world; it must be from the pure fountain of GOD and because we are in this world, the world must house these ideas. So just like we are protected from this world by our faith in GOD and His Son, we must make sure our ideas are also protected from the multitude of ideas that are ready to swallow our pure ideas.

It is wise for saints not to allow any movement to hinder the birth of a new era GOD is fostering for His people. Our GOD-given ideas must be secured before we put them out into the world for people to see and it must be valuable enough for the world to keep and not discard. These ideas must not be nurtured by unGODly men or strangers even though they might be protected by them. Moses’ mother did not only nurture Moses to maturity but also create/build and ark around him – an ark that grew simultaneously with the growth of Moses in an unGODly environment like Pharaoh’s palace . . .

According to GOD’s design, nature and nurture must not be separated even by time . . . nurture is meant to be worked on to develop the nature into a stature that would later become a standard, refuge, and a beacon of hope and righteousness for those who are seeking GOD. 

The purpose of birthing these ideas is so that they can beckon or attract people that matter in the scheme of things . . . these ideas must appeal to them well enough to readily adopt them and integrate into the system. These ideas must be protected by the people who are naturally against it had it come in an obvious manner – Protected by the Predator!

Daniel 2: 31-45

Many dispensations of kingdom have come and gone and according to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel’s interpretation, we are in that dispensation where the iron and the clay are mixed together. Though the feet feign strength, power and glory, its weakness is in the people that wield these elements . . .

The five dispensations of kingdoms have only shown clearly that men on their own accord cannot rule in the affairs of men and be successful. When GOD tenders His case before us and the hosts of Heaven, it will become clear and obvious that it is GOD that is qualified to rule in the affairs of men.

There are many movements that are raising their ugly heads because unlike the sleeping and slumbering saints, the devoted sons of this world and their father are working relentlessly to invade the companies of saints and elects to make sure GOD’s movement does not come to fore . . . even though their defeat had been settled just as the victory of saints has been settled.

It is quite alarming that saints, just like the Goshenites are too comfortable at their current position that they are erecting edifices and building monuments that are de facto under the absolute sway of the evil one they professed to wage war against. They forget so soon that the real edifice must be erected in the hearts of men so that GOD could be with His people and in His people.

We claim that GOD is still victorious nonetheless but how many saints would have to be casualties until we wake up and uphold our earnest faith in CHRIST by heeding to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT! Just like Moses’ mother found the weak point in Egypt, we should also find a strategic point to strike with the Gospel of CHRIST. The Gospel of CHRIST is too precious to forsake because of persecution or trials . . . the end is more glorious and far more important than what the present holds.


John 19: 19-22

Knowing that the system is feeble at the feet, this is the perfect place to target just like domino effect . . . but the question many saints would readily ask is “How do we strike the feet and how do we make the whole image crumble?” GOD had already embedded the solutions around the event of JESUS CHRIST’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross . . . through Pilate, HE listed the three key areas of the feet that should be stricken until the image is totally crumbled at once!

During the time when Romans have rulership over Israel, the Jews spoke three language:

Hebrew for  Religion

Greek for Education

Latin for Governance

Basically, these are three of the key areas where many people express their liberties and their true self in the long run. But these three elements have not been duly merged or synced together for the purpose of wholesomeness by the Saints.

It unfolds thus:


Although many saints or Christians have professed to abandon religion, it is still part of our lives. Religion to so many people is more of devotion to a set of ideals and beliefs of a sect or a person but True Religion is devotion to GOD and conformity to His person.

True Religion is devotion to GOD and conformity to His Person.

When Saints and hear religion, the picture they see in their hearts and minds must be JESUS and the FATHER . . . GOD is our religion because we have our absolute and undivided faith in HIM and we have made HIM to be the reason for everything we do. This means that when GOD gives us a rule or a command today, we follow and when HE says “Enough!”, we stop and wait for the next command because to us, this set of commandments are meant to shape our thoughts and actions towards His person i.e. or way of life.

One thing religion does effortlessly to those who follow it ardently and relentlessly is the change of culture! And as our religion is not a laid down guidelines but the True Person of GOD and CHRIST, those who worship HIM would eventually conform to His person in the end.

When saints say they have a religion, it is also synonymous to saying they have a way of life but the difference to other religion is that GOD is the religion of Saints and therefore, HE determines our way of life on earth . . .



This is in-and-out phenomenon that keeps us in the middle as we function as channels between the Holy Spirit within and people without (in the world). But most importantly, education is geared majorly towards the coming generation.

Knowing that the Spirit of GOD is the ultimate teacher, we must allow HIM to teach us into the Truth of GOD. We must also allow HIM to take control in efforts to pass across GOD (our religion) to others and especially to children. If we say our life is all about GOD and GOD is everything that mankind needs to truly live then, GOD’s way of life must be evident in our lives so much that people would be willing and ready to come into the adoption made available through CHRIST.

What has been creating a major chasm between the people in the fold and the ones outside is the inability to incorporate GOD into our daily lives – living GOD at every point in time for people to see. This is why we must trust GOD as HE creates a system more like an ark that would harbour and nurture the “Moseses” needed for the great movement of people out of the world to GOD’s mountain . . .

This GODly educational system must be in care of the preserved ones that have shielded themselves from the corruption of the present by living by the true and pure religion that GOD envisioned for His people. These are the living arks that would by means of inspired education teach and model GOD’s heart to the coming generation so they can learn to trust solely in GOD and His ways.

By the time these new generations are parenting the subsequent generations, GOD will have children born ready to do His bidding without being preached to or hassled. These children by default will be GODcentric i.e. all they will think would be how to please GOD and make sure the reality in Heaven is evident on earth


If there is one thing that GOD desires and will eventually come to effect (for it has been settled), it is that the heart will be filled with the knowledge of His Glory . . . and this is when the image of gold, silver, bronze, iron and mixture of sand iron would crumble without a trace and the mountain of the LORD would be exalted above every other mountain.

The aim of making GOD our religion and learning from the HOLY SPIRIT the Pure and True Religion as well as teaching others is so that there would be many people at the helm of affairs and strategic points of governance that would be responsible for shattering the world system and erect the standard of GOD for people to look upon and be saved.

Politics has to do with showing the reality of GOD in the flesh for people to see, observe, and handle for a total experience. This is where the hearts of people would be won and the devil would be deposed from his throne as the same throne is destroyed.

This is meant to create GOD’s consciousness, quotient, and confidence in people so HE can rule in the affairs of men based on their full consent.



This movement must be initiated by those who have made their peace with GOD just to be what He wants them to be; those who are Nazarites in thoughts and in deeds; who have let go of any ambition to become relevant; those whose name may not be written in the records of the world other than their Pure Lineage in CHRIST and their True Religion that is in coherence with GOD’s processions in ETERNITY; those who understand that they must become nothing in this generation for coming generations to become everything for GOD and the changes He is longing to see among His people and on earth.