Input Always Influences Output

During last sunday service, my pastor said one thing that got my attention and spurned me into thinking . . . He said “though what you take in might not defile you but it will surely influence what is going to issue out of your mouth which is able to defile if it is an unrighteous output.

The moment I heard this, I was remembered about the how the automobile engine works: it has 4cylinder strokes which are responsible for the effectiveness of the engine.

The first stroke is the intake or induction stroke and it is responsible for allowing air-fuel mixture into the cylinder. And there are valves that are employed for controlling the amount of air-fuel ratio needed.

The second stroke is the compression stroke and this is meant for pressing the air-fuel mixture till it gets ready for ignition.

The third stroke is the power stroke which is as a result of the spark introduced into the cylinder that contains the ignition-ready mixture.

The fourth stroke is the exhaust stroke for it is the stroke for releasing whatever mixture that was unused after the power stroke.

And this makes me realise that the same is with man which is why a man must guard his heart from impurities. The valves must be effective enough to screen out impurities or shut out excesses from finding their way to the heart so that whatever man ruminates on within him would be GODly all the time so that as the devil’s spark comes, it would not meet what will magnify it and make it an unholy fire within. But when ignition of GOD is introduced, GODly fire will burn inside us and our so called exhaust will be a sweet smelling savour to GOD and a lovely and blameless attitude before men.

Guard you heart from unGODly elements!

Peace To The Wise!

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