Talents . . .

“For the Kingdom of Heaven is as a man traveling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his GOODS.

And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and o another one; to every man according to his several ABILITY; and straightway took his journey.”
Mathew 25:14-15

To many people, talent is defined as the innate ability or skill one has . . . But according scripture, the talent in question here is not what we always define it to be. The talent we define is the one GOD gives to everybody according to HIS pleasure; both saints and sinners alike.

According to CHRIST’s parable, talent is more of what is been given to each and every one to profit withal. It is more of what is given to express the capacity and the skill one has according to the will of the LORD.

If the skill or the inborn capacity was the talent, the master would not have given them any talent. Talent is what a man needs to work with or upon to make profit according to GOD’s plan.

So many people have passed away their to another because they think they are too big for it . . . they think highly of themselves more than they should; looking for big opportunities when small ones are all they would need to make profit.

Many preachers would prefer to speak before kings and influential men when GOD requires them to start from teaching children of the gospel. But they would gladly ignore ‘one talent’ because if the ‘five talents’ they are pursuing. A prospective university student would rather opt for medicine because it is an elitist programme even though his ability can only find expression as a Chemist.

As saints, any opportunity to expeess the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT according to HIS leading must not be neglected because there are other bigger opportunities in view. Talents can only become bigger and bigger as each saint grow with the gifts given unto them. Failure to use the innate gifts given to us by GOD, either as men or saints because we conclude that there are no opportunities worthy of the gifts we have is sheer wickedness . . . Whenever an opportunity presents itself in GOD, we must take it and make best use of it for the advancement of GOD’s kingdom.

Let us not be caught in the sevil’s snares because of big-talent mentality. When you start as you should according to your ability, you will follow your own wave of progress as designed by the LORD; coming across bigger talents as you are faithful in the previous talents given to you . . .

If we are pass this level of starting small, we must not let it elude the generations to come. The snare of the devil are meant for the careless and the entitled ones . . . Let us cultivate process rather than opting for sudden big happenings. Sudden happenings must only succeed careful and diligent works that have one underground and mostly unnoticed.

We must take a cue from satan . . . how he desired a throne greater than GOD’s even after GOD had carefully and wonderfully made him with majesty and beauty.

Peace To The Wise!

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