The Bible is not hypocritical . . .

Have you ever wondered that the Bible is not a record of good deeds and exploits of fathers faith in the old testament and fellow saints who had gone before us after the death of CHRIST?

It is so that we might know that they are no more different than us; they are not angels or ancients of days; they are weak and feeble as we are today but what made them stand out is their yieldedness to GOD.

So the Bible should be everyone’s favourite because in it lies the good, bad and and the ugly, all working together to bring forth the Glory of GOD and teach us how to initiate a cordial relationship with GOD. Even the so called excessive punishment of GOD upon HIS people were not exempted for the purpose of trying to paint GOD good before unbelievers.

This cannot be said for government and institutions of this present time. Everybody is busy writing his story like he is the good guy, thereby neglecting his evil deeds or painting it as necessary evil. If we are to be always biased then we must not endeavour to write a story about ourselves or situations around us.

Biographies are meant to summarise the entirety of a man’s existence and not emphasise on his good deeds and neglecting bad deeds or painting it as good for this is only a caricature of the real story and it is always meant to mislead people rather than edify which is the original intent.

Peace To The Wise!

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