To control and to direct . . .

Though there is much similarity between controlling and directing, they are also different in some ways.

It is always necessary to control our environment by making sure unwanted things are not present in there; there is need to control animals, machines and even to control one’s body when necessary. But you are not meant to take control of human being! You are only meant to direct and make good use of their potentials.

Like a scalar and vector quantity so is a man with potential and no direction differs from a man with potential and sense of direction. A follower is like a water flowing vigorously or gently through a channel and it is the responsibility of a leader to direct this kinetic energy into something useful.

The speed of the water should be controlled if it would lead to waste and destruction but when the water is at the normal and reasonable speed, all the leader needs to do is to give it a sense of direction so all its energy can be utilised for the greater good.

To every man, there is a purpose and the role of the leader does not go beyond putting the follow on the path to fulfilling that purpose for no man should control the course another man’s life.

As GOD is only the one to be in control of mankind, so are we only to be in control of things around us that are not human. The best a man can do is to make a scalar-man a vectorial man. A man’s magnitude should not be tampered; one can only help another to discover strength but not try and increase or decrease it for everything we need has been coded in us and all we need is to discover.

The leader is like the channel with valves at each junction which are meant to control or direct the waters. The leader knowing the true way will guide the followers to the place he has been, shadowing the attributes of CHRIST.

A man can be controlled only if he is going aimlessly to doom without knowing it. So control is the last thing to resort to in governing people for our primary role is to direct people and lead them to follow the right way and this is meant for those that are already walking in that path . . .

Peace To The Wise!

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